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Corporate Message

The fundamental strength of Japan to the world
Following the Meiji Restoration, Japan modelled itself after Europe. After World War II, the model shifted to the United States. The question before us is whether the Great East Japan Earthquake will go down in history as a comparable turning point. If so, Japan has no one to model itself after this time.
Japanese society may never have completed the transition from follower to leader, but now is the time for Japan to be the model for the world. The vision we build and our actions now will shape the very fabric of our society as a whole.
A favorite quote goes that ”What is now proved was once only imagined.” We want to make a place where everyone can think up more startling ideas. No one wants to just sit around waiting for someone to do something—we want to imagine a hopeful scenario and act.
The start of MOIL’s green energy project today promises to be like a Big Bang with huge ripples in our society in ten years’ time. Our burning passion is to make a useful contribution to society by producing new value that will help to solve the environmental problems facing the world.

Our Mission

Creating an energy industry for the 21st century
We at MOIL aim to create an energy industry for the 21st century by successfully develop algae-based energy production to produce new value that will help to solve the environmental problems facing our world.

Smiling faces across the globe
Here at MOIL, we approach our job thinking 10 years ahead, to meeting the smiling faces of all those we’ve helped and the bright future our efforts will make for Japan.

Origin of the MOIL Logo

The MOIL logo is a loop of green (algae) and red (strength), representing the infinite cycle of new energy we will produce. The ‘M’ in MOIL represents not only the Japanese word for algae, mo, but also a host of words with great significance to children, such as mother and milk. It encapsulates a wish to become the most familiar form of energy for the children of today that will lead the world in the future.
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